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Stupid is as stupid does.
Ok, so the US has not had a hurricane in a few years, and fine the more northern states are even less used to dealing with the storms- but I was reading about some of the people who died due to storm- I mean, common people- its a frekin hurricane, not a summer time shower. I cant blame some of the people, trees fall on houses and all- but let e share some of the ones that either A) Were not thinking at all or B) were over confident that nothing will happen to them.

1 died after he and another went canoeing down a flooded street, The other man survived. = OK, Ill give a slight room for error here, if it was something they just had to go out and conoe for I can understand that- leaving a completely flooded home, or trying to rescue someone- this one Ill say only sounds like a bad idea on the face, it could have had good reason behind it.

2 were found dead after they were walking home from a friend's house at midnight Saturday durring the storm. = ITS A FREKIN STORM (aside from the fact its midnight) this is NOT the time that you just decide to take a leasure stroll through town.

1 was found Monday after the storm. Authorities think he went  there to watch the storm.  = OK its something diffrent, but DUDE- ITS A FREKIN STORM, - heres an idea, if you dont chase out interesting tornados on a regular basis- dont chase out interesting hurricanes on an irregular basis. Though I admire the interest. They are fascinating.

 1 drowned while windsurfing in Bellport Bay. = He got his rush- really dude, wind surf when the winds are less then 50 OR at least when the waves are less then oh 12+!

1 died in his inflatable boat that capsized = SMART MOVE, because when the big boats are being slung from their moreings (spelling?) onto roadways in town, a small rubber boat is surely the right choice.

 1 man died in a traffic accident after his SUV went off a road and twice slammed into trees early Saturday as Irene's center began to make landfall = OK Id not have much a problem with this poor guy driving around except you dont try to get across town in the intense storm, I mean THE EYE IS HERE, not good timing. Perhaps his home was damaged at this time and he was making a last minute attempt to leave.. again this is one that generally i have room for and need to know more, but in general, dont drive in the middle of a hurricane. It sates the car hit trees TWICE.. Im guessing once from the driver and again from the wind.

1 man was killed when a tree fell onto his tent. The man was one of several at a party, some of whom who decided to sleep outside. = OK this has got so much wrong with it, this is obviously a dumb idea. I have ALWAYS hated hurricane parties- apparently this guy hasnt seen the images from a hurricane party during Camille it took place in a three story building- the entire building was gone as were the party goers. Second, common, a TENT... OUTSIDE... your begging for trouble... its not the wind and rain all the time, its WHAT the wind is blowing; in this case, a tree.


This storm claimed 30+ lives- most of them were victims of unfortunate circumstance or fate or however you care to consider it- but obviously, there were deaths that were avoidable to some degree.

Ive lived in Florida my whole life, Ive been through a good number of these storms.. they are very easy to misjudge or disconcern yourself from- but when you stop respecting them, they will bite you.


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