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What are you ment to do?
Do you know why YOU were placed on this earth? Do you, Honestly?

Were you placed here to mentor our youth in the ways of the world, were you placed here to protect your family, friends, country or way of life? Were you placed here to help the less fortunate? Were you put on this earth to make sure the sick and inabled can recover?

No position on this earth is too insignificant if it is what you were placed on earth to do. If its feeding the world, or making sure theres warm coffee for everyone when they wake up tomorrow. As long as you have found your place that is what counts. Many of us have not found that specific path we were ment to follow, we tried im sure, but alot of us are awash in the ocean of confusion, bumping into a coastline now and then only to be unable to establish a foothold and be washed back out to sea again.

If you have found your corner of the world, that little nitch that you were ment to fill- be grateful and do what you do with honor and devotion- if you have not, keep looking, we all have something even the most trivial of pursuits... somebody has to do it and is meant to perform it.


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