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Jogging "meter"

Ok, so for the past year I've been saving my jogging/walking records on my smartphone- I enjoy the app as it keeps track of distance, time, pace, calories, ect and gives me a GPS tracking overlay of where I've been.. but somethings been missing.

I wanted something I could use to track my "effort" so to speak- now you have theoretical and perceptive numbers such as the Borg Rate of Perceived Exertion Scale; but I wanted something that was a little more numbers based.

So I started toying with the numbers I had- I know i can find out my pace (minutes to a mile), my speed (mph), and my total time it took (minutes), and the total distance I performed (miles)

well you can have someone that does a 9 minute mile but only does a mile or two; or you could have someone whos overall pace was 12 minutes per mile but that was for 5 miles; how do you compare the two?

I decided I wanted to use the pace times for my base number- and factor in the total distance I went; but if your not careful you could easily walk 1 mile an hour and if you did that for enough miles it would look like you did effort then if you did 1 mile in 9 minutes. So I came up with this formula (though it was just a brain storm and I don't think very scientific)

***IMPORTANT: LOWER = BETTER*** The lower your E score in this formula = more effort exerted

Pace in minutes divided by the square root of total distance traveled. = E score (E for effort?)

If I use the examples above here is what we would be looking at:
Jogger A: 1.5 miles @ 9 minutes per mile PACE: 9 minutes / square root of 1.5 = 9/1.22= 7.37E
Jogger B: 5 miles @ 12 minutes per mile PACE: 12 / square root of 5 = 12/2.23= 5.38E

Again, I didn't put a lot of work into this, and if this is something someones already figured out and using Im sorry, Ill give you credit when I find out- I just thought of this number to help me with my own walks and jogging- because I like to do different routes and ect when i go on my walks.

But more to the point- your results tell you I suppose.. Ive lost 20 pounds between February and now and I am fitting into a few clothes I almost gave up on; so theres your results.. I was just looking for numbers.


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