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A couple stories i wrote- hope you enjoy them.
I wrote these some time back- and recently was pushed to show them off- hope you like them, they are a bit short- but it was an exercise not ment to be novels or anything.

The first of the two- is called "Twelve O' Two" - by me.


I stand up from my seat and look around inside this cold dove gray box that is my life’s final home. I listen through the metallic door at the sounds outside. I hear footsteps approaching. The rhythmic beat of the footsteps of trained officers, the echos thud around inside the building every step that they take in their weather-beaten boots. The echoes of their steps stop in front of my cell door and one of them takes out his set of keys, inserts it into the lock and with a deep snap of the lock he pushes open the doors. With what light there is now entering my cell I see their faces, both of them wearing shades that reflect my very soul. The one has a shotgun in his hands and he keeps it tucked right against his chest, so as the prisoners don’t rip it from him. The other, the older of the two with the ridges of his face marked with the results of stress from years of his job. Lines all through his face, but yet, it only makes his presence feel stronger. The older one also has his pistol at his side, still being held securely in place by its cover. He’s been here, and has done this long enough that he knows he wont need to use it. My soul has already been busted not with the nightstick but by the years of waiting and anguish as to what I was given at my trial of justice.

"UP!" Orders the younger of the two without moving a muscle in his body.

They are both as still as death, and with those shades they ware, they seem as lifeless and heartless as if Im looking at the angels of death, not human beings at all. I wipe the sweat off of my face and drag my hand along the corse wool on the bunk to dry off my hand. Of course, in a cold sweat one does not help himself this way, only delays the repeated torture given to him by his own brow. I get up, and walk forward a couple of paces. Oh how far that was. My legs feel like logs, my whole body weighs down on its self as if it had no bones to carry its self on. Not eating or sleeping for a couple of days will do this to a person. The first officer, the younger of the two hands his gun to the other officer and comes forward and puts a set of cuffs on my hands, and another set around my legs. He then smiles at me before ordering me forward out the door. The most evil and sinister looking smile. As if he enjoys the torture of windward souls. My very face reflected off of his teeth, the only reflection. For he was nothing more then a black hole, sucking in all the joys and reasons for life into nothing but coldness. Did he love his job? I have no doubt. Was he even human? That I don’t know. I walk on out the door and the officers simultaneously order the command for me to march forward down the hallway. I start walking and feel the ever-present clasps of steel on my legs, making me move in baby steps. No more then ten or twelve inches every step. Each step I make is deafened by the officer’s boots. Which now ring off of every wall and crevice in a way that would make a person want to go deaf before he went mad.

As I walk down the isle to the door at the end I reflect back on both my life and what got me into all this. It feels forever ago sense I made those killings. Did I ever mean to do it? I really can’t remember. I just remember being mad, I remember hating life and hating others. I wanted everyone dead. People were worthless. Do I still feel that way? I don’t know. I do know some people are not fit to live, while others seem ok. But is the human race one that should stay on this earth? Do we do more for or against mother earth? These things, this way of thinking is what got me in trouble, to dare think in an extreme way that is not socially acceptable or beneficial. So naive is the human race, so self-serving. Then when I was caught, in my sleep no less, forced to stay in a cell with others, the real lowlifes of the earth, I was put in here with those whom I despise by those whom I despise. Because they despise me as they despise the others that I despise as well. Ironic.

Then when the judge asked me, how I Plea, to ten accounts of 3rd degree murder, and five accounts of 2nd degree murder, I remember exactly how I responded;

"Your honor. What was man put on this earth to do? What does man do anyway? And what is a creature without convictions, and a creature without holding to his convictions? I hold my convictions to be that humans are the lowest forms of life on this earth. I hold my actions on my convictions. My actions to be the earth’s response to man should it be able to speak. My reactions to be the feelings of the deer we kill for sport. My reactions to represent the buffalo we killed for no reason. My reactions are in response to the oppressive status we as humans in whole account for the deaths of other living creatures ‘just because’, and to account for the feelings and for the hatred other creatures of this earth must feel against us due to our cutting their lives short, just so we have ‘sport’. Is man not greedy? Are the creatures of the earth not innocent? Nay, it was not I who shed innocent blood. The blood of man has never been innocent sense it was mans to own. I have killed no one that has not had the blood of thousands of living beings on their hand first. You ask Your Honor, did I kill those people. Yes, I did. If that is what you ask then I plead guilty. If however you ask if I killed innocent people, nay. I plead innocent of such atrocities."

The judge stated he respected my position, but that justice is blind and can only see my killing, not nature killing ma, and rules me guilty on my first plea. He rules me for having the blood of 15 people on my hands. Well, those 15 people had the blood of more than a hundred truly innocent rabbits, bears, deer, snakes, and other creatures who never did them any harm. Never for food or anything needed or was used. They killed those creatures and stuffed them to hang, or left their bodies to rot in the sun. Feeding the vultures was the only thing these people did.

We stop at the blue door. Why it was painted blue, I will never know. Large steel blue door it was. The door was locked securely in place by three fist size bolts. The older of the officers walk up to a card-swipe that’s next to the door and swipes his card threw it. The hi-pitched beep comes from the machine and the bolts snap open faster then a shot from a gun. He pulls open the door and I’m almost blinded by the white light from inside, everything in the room is white. The tile floor, the clock, the bed, the doctor aprons, everything is a cleansed white. I step into the room and wait for my eyes to adjust. I see the school-like clock on the wall, with its black dial and second hand that moves slowly and continuously around nonstop. On the wall a red phone with two cords going into it from the top. On the other side is a two-way mirror. That has the reflection of graphite. A sink on the closer wall and some medical supplies sitting next to it. Of those are two bags one filled with a clear liquid and the other a mesmerizing light blue. I look up into the doctors faces, young doctors, with very shapely faces and a full look to them, they had life flowing from them, their presence glowed in the room, and with the look they showed me. The look seemed to have empathy and caring. However, they did not show remorse or sympathy. The older of the two guards walk around in front of me, his black uniform in stark contrast to the whiteness of the room. He uncuffs my legs and then my hands. I stretch out my arms and move my wrists in full circles, taking advantage of the little time I have to actually move. I wipe my face off again and look around for something to wipe my hand dry with. One of the doctors hands me a paper towel. I think him and wipe my hands off, throwing the paper towel away into the trash bin beside me.

I look up along with the rest of the people in the room at the clock, it signals midnight, but no extra energy is used by it, no earthly tick or toll, just the never changing moving of its arms. The clocks only noise is a small hum that can only be heard in the stillness of the room. In the middle of the room is the tool of the devil. A warped bed, reformed for one purpose, to kill. One of the three doctors walk up to me and lays his hand on my shoulder.

"Is there anything You’d like for us to do?"

"Yes." I respond. "Take this paper to my friends after this is over, their address is on the back."

The doctor nods and motions towards the bed. I take a sigh and keep forward and lay down on the bed. Its sheets are an ice cold chill to the touch. I close my eyes to keep from having to stare directly into the light over head. One of the doctors, or officers more likely, takes my arm and put it into the armrest that is stretched to the side. Another doctor or officer takes my other arm and does the same with it. Then I feel the cold, harsh, strong, large leather straps fitted to my wrists and just above my elbows. One of them, the metal clasp lies on top of my arm and sends chills that would make Antarctica cringe, up my spine. A cold sensation I cannot remove but will not motion for them to remove. The same is done with my legs. I show no stress or emotion in my physique, but my breath notions my emotions, I breathe in and out in skips a couple of times, not taking a full easy breath. One of the doctors come up and holds my arm in a gentle motion, his hand not coursed by hard labor like the officers, but smooth and gentle, full of feeling and warmth, almost as if he understands what I meant to do and understand who I am. It instantly helps to calm me.

"Relax, don’t worry." He says.

I nod slightly and turn my head sideways to help ease the light I was having in my eyes, and so I can open my eyes. I open my eyes but I see nothing. Im lost in thought and memories.

Two doctors walk up on either side of me and the one doctor who was holding my arm starts to slip away, I feel anguished, he was so comforting, just his simple touch, as if it was my last hold to life. He finally removes himself from me easily and disappears from my sight. I take a deep hard sigh and feel myself slip away with him. Now I finally feel afraid, for the first time. I get that tinging metal feeling in my mouth. I feel the needles of hornets pierce my skin in both arms at the same time and a pain flows through me. I open my mouth letting out a silent scream, and take several deep breaths to get used to the metal that is now in my flesh. My breath quickens and I feel disoriented. A cold feeling and near-numbness fills my left arm and flows threw out my body. I feel restless, as if I’m caught between sleep and being on a sugar-rush. I want rest, but need to move. It’s hellish. Then a cool sensation starts to fill my right arm, it’s much slower, and does not seem to spread throughout my arm. Staying on a steady course down my arm, it fills my chest and goes down toward my legs. My sight starts to leave me, and I bend my head forward and look on the clock on the wall. Two past midnight it says.

I shed a tear and say aloud; "Now my dear innocent ones, I join in your pain. I join you."

I close my eyes and let out a slight sound that could be taken as a note of sadness. There isn’t anymore.

This, my second is called "Thoughts of the night" - by me.

May I introduce myself? I’m that which is eternal and forever. I was here before the light of day. I was here when there were no stars in the sky. I have had rumors tacked onto me as if I was the monster of all time. I’m he who is the night. I’m he who is your shadow. I’m the darkness all around you. And I have a story I would like to tell you. The story of my, eternal life. Don’t you see that I’m the only thing that will live forever? I was here before anything else, and I will be here after everything else is gone. My story is one of everything that has happened to me, it is of that only which I myself can know. No one else knows for sure the evil that they associate with me, the mysteries of the past. I alone know the exact age of the earth, I’m its grandfather in age. I alone know what happened to your precious dinosaurs. All the answers you can seek I know them all. There is but little that I do not know, and that is what happens in the light, and to the light. I live in the shadows of the light. But I cannot answer for sure, exactly what is in the middle of a flame. I do not know. But, if you have a seat. I can start on what has for eternity, been my life. I’m the oldest thing. The only immortal.

I cannot say exactly when it started . . . Because you humans cannot comprehend having always been. So, to cover that time span that was forever between me and the beginning of the universe. I shall say that it was lonely and cold. Cold not in the sense of touch, for I cannot touch par-say, but it was cold in every sense of the word. But then the universe came into existence. Not that long ago, I believe it was about 3 events ago. You must pardon my capture of time. I not having any reason to measure, I can only measure by events . . . or should I say big events in you humans lives. If I was to use my own accord, I would have said about sixteen reaches of light into the distance of time. But you do not understand that, so. On I will go.

About 3 events ago were the beginnings of the light. I found myself not able to be everywhere. I was no longer omnipresent, as it was. I was being shut out of a lot of places, by this weird thing that made me fade away, and in some cases; I just vaporized. But you see, I cannot be killed so I waited until I could return, but some places. I have yet been able to get my grasp over. I still do not know exactly what happened, because it was all light. It was what you would call just an explosion of light. I was scared; Because for eons on end, I had never experienced being held back from places. I learned to live with it, but still I have a hard time understanding. Because, it limited my whereabouts. But that was the beginning of time as you know it. After all, doesn’t it make sense? I mean you measure time by the day and night, and how that sun makes its way from east to west. The first day, the beginning of the first of the 5 events that leads up to the present.

I went for a long time with this light, I realized it would not hurt me, only handy-cap where I was. But with it came all these toys for me to look at and draw over. What today are your planets. For the first time there was something to do, and something to be interested in.

Well, time past and I moved over for the light, and it allowed me to go back into place on everything. Except the light’s source I of course have not sense the beginning of time been able to touch the sun. But time went on, and .... this ball of rock started to move over its self. I did not know what they were, but this rock that was the earth moved and slithered with beings. You eventually called everything by name. But until then I did not know what to say. You eventually took a name to all you can find, so I followed your lead. I have had forever to perfect my knowledge, so waiting for the last see; 365 is a year correct.... Then about fifteen thousand years. A spec in that which is time and space.

You have little known words in my mind. But you named everything, and I just followed. Humans, Mankind, trees, snakes, birds, a feather, a needle, fire, a quilt, and then you named me as well. Darkness, Night, eternal damnation I have even heard myself called. I tell you now that I very well I’m not anything evil. You yourself consider me something evil. You have attached good with light and evil with bad. But if that is the case, and good always prevails, then how come I the dark was first and shall be the last? You attach everything to me that you can think of that I hold, so to speak. That is, everything that doesn’t shine. The dark things as you put it. From myths of a devil, vampires, and even the word evil. For evil is made-up in your mind. How can something be evil? It is only what you think it is. You make it evil in your minds. To the real things strangely enough. Your Gods who created all magnificently you say, but yet you put strangely formed crosses, the magnificent animal the bat, things you make to honor the dead such as cemeteries and tombstones. All this you put onto me as evil. That is proof enough that you make something evil in your own mind, and when it is not so, because you make it a two-faced purpose or creature out of it. And you wonder about the people who say mankind is going to kill itself off. Those people I shall warn you right now are more correct then you think. After all, as I said I am the only forever. Your measly group will die out someday. It’s inevitable.

That brings me to another subject. Your fascinations with the rest of the universe. Let me put that to rest now. I’m the only one out there. I have seen every inch that is the universe and space. I tell you now that it is the truth that this measly, small particle in space is the only one with life as you know it. That I know and promise you. Ha, Aliens indeed. You are the aliens, thinking that you can do everything just because you have the ability. I was here first, and in your mind of rights of possessions, I beet you at your own rules of such. I have touched everything that did not burn in the beginning. Therefor by your own code of conduct, everything belongs to the dark. I’m the elder, the wise, the supernatural, the omnipresent, the all knowing, I am the one and only. None else can be as I’m. I should own every living creature, because inside your skin, in your soul I’m there, there is no light inside your bodies. But I’m there. I’m inside you, I’m around you. I practically own all. Aliens indeed. Bah! Your inside, your soul as you put it. The mind, the body, the .... spirit. It’s all mine, because I possess and reside in it. But you will not accept that will you? You cannot accept the fact that one can be a slave to another. That was proven in the 1800's your time. You ceased slavery all in the world. With minor, minor exceptions. You say that everyone should be free. How I wonder about that. You do not want to comprehend. There goes the good and evil deal again. You made up in your mind that slavery was evil. But you did it forever and talked about it as right and even good. Hypocrites that you are!

Oh well. Time went on, and it came to what caused the universal flood. The true reason for all the fossil fuels and diamonds. You see. I was there and I can tell you that water over-ran the earth. Every creature had hard times. And a few survived, many faith books record this activity. But they are biased. All I will say is that the account is true, and that is why the dinosaurs died, is because they were so huge and heavy, also needing so much to eat that they either died out, or those who were lucky enough not to drown and fall to the bottom, underneath crushing water died of starvation and cold. Nothing can stay in the water for as long as they did. That was the beginning of stage 2 of my 3 of time. The flood allowed me to stay on the earth for a long time, and in some places I have not left. The world was one big blue ball of water. And I was laying down underneath watching the rotting, and crushed corpses of those unlucky enough to have met their fate.

You humans think up such weird explanations for things. I wish I could understand them all. Evolution as you call it has its flaws. Creation is not fully understood. Creation because God is not fully understood and evolution because no one was there to see it, as science needs. But, ahh. Someone was there. Me. I say to you now that no, I did not see the initial bang, that created fire and light, therefor I was not there to see it. But I will say that the evolution of man from primate to human is totally false. I saw you from your beginning and I have always seen you the very same way. Greedy, anxious, deadly curious, two-leg walking, intelligent by history, mortal beings.

Now, what I was saying about intelligent via help of history. I have noticed, it is not you getting smarter and evolving. It is the knowledge you posses. In other words. You humans have the uncanny ability to perfect anothers perfection. Case in point. A person makes the wheel, another decides it rolls easier if you put wood around it, and then another person comes along and says "well, if you use 4 wheels instead of two, it moves easier. Understand? No? Well..another example. Someone made a computer. Then another person finds a way to make it faster, then another makes it smaller, and then another finds it can be made still faster. The improving over time of everything that you make. You send the knowledge down into the hands of your defendants and they improve what you thought you made as good as it could get. You see, it is not you who are evolving, it is the ability to hold knowledge that is evolving. As long as you can tell by word of mouth or writing, you will evolve in the mind. You mortals have not yet begun to use the majority of that mind of yours. If you did, you would recognize how silly most evaluation sounds.

Lets move forward in time another 2,000 of your years. To the time of about 50bc to 50ad. At this point in human history; A very big thing is said to have happen, the birth of who was maybe the single most famous person. Whom you call the Son of God. Jesus Christ. I do not know much about this, nor do I care to. I was there when he was born. I was there when he died. I will say that there was something special about him. I have mentioned about my being inside everyone, because under your skin is darkness. Christ is an exception to this rule . . . as you people say "there is an exception to every rule". I was not able to get inside his body, there was no darkness there. That is all I really wish to say on this subject. I don’t care, nor do I need to care. Onto more important, or more interesting topics.

I forgot an event. The Pompeii incident. I was there when that happened. Those people had no idea what was coming, and I had only a moderate knowledge myself. But when that volcano blew, the ash and pyroclastic flow took out everything in sight. I remember the ash on the part of the city. People were swept up fast enough that it engulfed them in only a second’s notice. There trapped inside the ash, where only I could see them, they suffocated. Usually when a person is running out of air, they get very squeamish and try desperately to get loose, not a chance. These people were not going to budge, the ash had them in its grasp and the hold was too strong. These people all not only suffocated without the ability to get loose, which is very painful in the first place mind you. These people were also stuck in ash that was, I don’t know how much, but extremely and painfully hot. So it scared and scorched them as it held-away their breath. The closest thing that can come to this to describe would be if you had your fingernails ripped off, and then sandpaper was rubbed over your bare finger-tips, while, at the same time, another person made you try to breath threw a glass cup that covered your nose and mouth. That done at the same time, might give you an idea of what the combined torture was for those who lost their miserable little life in the hell that Pompeii turned out to be in the end.

Now I shall move to what lays underneath the ocean. The true final frontier is under your feet my little mortals, it is under your feet, not above your head. Atlantis, Pangea, the Titanic, giant squid, giant octopuses, loc-ness lake, more species of fish. All of these and more are held-bound by the waters of the earth. You humans have only begun to explore your oceans and lakes, this is where you need to go for answers to some of your questions. There are things down there that you have not even thought off, and because of which, how can I tell you what they are? Anyhow, you explore the depths of your oceans, and when you run out of gold to find, you can always turn to the shipwrecks, my word the wrecks, treasures untold still have not been found from their water graves that they fell in even thousands of years ago.

Now, what can I say? What is left? Oh the earth has been around for . . . well, along long time, so I am sure there is stuff I have forgotten to mention somewhere. Ah, yes. How about today’s world? Oh yes indeed! The world wars, modern technology, and a little other thing or two.

World wars, I was impressed that the human race could take up such a large task, to fight everywhere at once, and you still did not explore the whole world. That is the ironic part. The war to end all wars, it was frightening to you at the time, but, world war one as it is now called, no, it was not much. I have seen men die forever, it doesn’t phases me these days. World war two produced a lot of stuff, great leaders, technology . . . Growth. It’s funny how something that kills and devastates, brings on new life. Every thing that happens has a reverse effect. You’ve learned that by now. I guess a massive death is needed for a massive rebirth effect. The baby boom generation, came right after the millions died from war. Your scales of the worlds population which is now in excess of six billion. Face it, you can be as pro-life as you want, but death is a requirement, a necessity! If it was not for death, then you would yearn for the possibility of death. Life would not be worth living, it would not be distinguishable, believe me, I know. Yes, people and things must die. Oh, it’s not a curse as much as it is just something that has to happen. Think of all the ways a person can die, in all of them the heart stops, the brain stops, activity ceases, it’s over. It would be a shame if everyone had to wait for death to come and it always came in one form, you would spend your lives dreading death, but now that it is covered up with the unknown, it makes you kind of, well, not pay as much attention.

Modern technology? I tell you that the more things change, the more they are the same. I want to know, who the hell gave credit to man for ‘discovering’ fire. Where did this come from? He discovered fire just as he discovered water! In MY world. It came from the sky as a flash of light, it came out of a mountain as liquid rock. Fire was never discovered by man, he just stumbled across it one day as he was looking at the sky. When it comes to inventions, real inventions and architectural art. It’s the romans. They made stuff that was unheard of at their day in age. You should have seen it, some of the stuff was absolutely incredible... That is to say to someone who has seen it for the first time. Who could have ever of thought you could stand a huge room up with out any pillars in the center?? Enough about them though, onto my point. You humans have made life constantly better. Always making ‘easier’ and more comfortable what the last generation had to deal with. Remember what I said about evolution of the mind? This is part, even most, of it. Another hundred years from now, your lives today will look to people in the future what the Amish groups look like to you today. Yet, you can’t think of a way to have it ‘easier’ yourselves. You still do the same things your little ancestors did, eat, drink, and be marry. But in today’s world you add a little of little extras. Stress, extra work, all this other involvement to accomplish the same things they did thousands of years ago. "But we live longer today, and it’s easier to do stuff" I hear you say. All that is true little ones. But as one famous person said "It’s not the years in the life, it’s the life in the years" And frankly, you accomplish less with your potential these days then they did then. I know, I saw. You humans have gotten so used to and comfy with your technologies and abilities that it has drained most of the fashionable drama out of your lives.

I think I have made enough points to catch your interest. At least you know Im here now. You know I am everywhere. I see everything that does not happen in the direct interception of light and day. Im not going to argue the fact that I am nothing evil or bad, or any other words you care to use. What does it matter to argue the fact with your worthless flesh? Im here, and Im here to stay. In the vast occupancy that is the universe and all land ever sense the beginning I’m the only one that stays. Some day your lives, your generations, your decedents lives, everything you know will no longer exist. It will all have fallen into the hands of the great usher, who is death. I will again be alone as the only living, though not breathing creature. At least that is to say the only creature that will have any significant abilities. While you humans days are defiantly numbered, as is earth. Small, even less significant, though more honorable creatures, will survive at least a little longer.

I bid thee an everlasting farewell. Remember, wherever you go, whatever you do. I will always get to see how foolish you are. Maybe, just maybe, between that time of your eyes closing, and absorbing what is your last grasp to the wind and breath of life, you’ll see me. It’s then, in that final second, in that final nothing of time that you will realize everything I try to say. Then you will cease to exist. Become a ‘has been’. And to those a couple generations down the road, a ‘never was’. Thank you for your time, and good-night.


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